GOE6*6000TPD Clinker and Cement Production Lines Awarded with PTOC Certificate


和记娱乐官网 www.redcluster.net GOE BENI SUEF 6×6000t/d clinker and cement production line EPC project with the owner to be Egypt Ministry of Defense and contracted by Chengdu Design and Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd (CDI) affiliated with Sinoma Intl. has completed all the performance tests on 12th of May, 2018. All the parameters have achieved contract stipulation or been superior, and PTOC certificate has been issued by the Owner on 28th of May, 2018. It marks that the biggest project in scale in world cement industry has completed and enter into next contract performance stage.


GOE BENI SUEF 6×6000TPD project contract was signed in June 2016 and became effective thereof. The project is the biggest scale cement project in world cement industry that would be built in the same time and location in simultaneous and parallel fashion, is also an overseas EPC cement production lines project with shortest construction term. The project team has made an elaborate planning and organizing, worked tenaciously, thus, achieved significant milestones of clinker line ignition, cement mill production, packing system production as scheduled as per contract requirements, and concluded all the performance tests as per contract stipulation. It earns high recognition and extensive coverage from Egypt Ministry of Defense and various communities at large with excellent performance.


Current GOE Beni Suef 6×6000TPD EPC project is a gleaming pearl mounted along “Belt and Road” line, and is lauded as “pyramid” in world cement kingdom. It is a world business card as presented by Sinomt Intl. in accordance with CNBM’s strategic deployment to world cement construction and engineering sector. The project is a perfect interpretation of “Chinese speed” and “Chinese standards”, and establishes a brilliant model of “Chinese technology, Chinese manufacturing, Chinese standards and Chinese speed” in service for “Belt and Road” initiative.


The Owner commended:

“Chinese technology is first class, so as its wisdom.”

“The project is both Egyptian civilization and fruits from Chinese wisdom.”

“GOE project is as great as pyramid which will stand permanently in Egyptian land.”

“It is a cement plant that is largest in scale and adopts latest art technology in Egypt. Its production and operation has substantially alleviated short supply in Egypt. I hope that the project will become the cornerstone for Egyptian infrastructure building in anticipation of fueling economic growth in neighboring areas.”

“The longer we cooperate with Chinese people, the more wisdom and diligence identified with Chinese people. The professional conduct and rigorous attitude of their engineers earn my full admiration. Appreciate that Chinese friends have brought an advanced and green cement plant, thanks CNBM for the wisdom conferred to Egyptian industry civilization.”

 “Chinese people have achieved impossible mission, and their speed is up to that of hurricane. I am confident that our cooperation opportunity will be broader and smoother. Please extend my appreciation to all the Chinese staffs and workers.”




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