CNBM Board Chairman Mr. Song Zhiping Visiting Argentina



In the afternoon of 5th of June, 2018 at Argentina local time, the delegation led by Mr. Song Zhiping, CNBM Board Chairman and Party Secretary, visited Argentina and were amicably received by Argentina President Mr. Mauricio Macri in Casa Rosada. The parties agreed to press ahead a closer economic and trade cooperation, facilitate local social and economic growth, thus promote the landing and rooting of CNBM’s “Belt and Road” initiative building in South America. Mr. Wei Feng, CNBM Assistant GM, Mr. Song Shoushun, Vice President of CNBM Limited, Board Chairman and Party Secretary of Sinoma Intl., Mr. Meng Qinglin, Board Chairman of Sinoma-ee and other managers accompanied the visit.


In the course of the meeting, Mr. Song Zhiping firstly briefed Argentina President about CNBM’s global business presence and growth, as well as planning of investment in South America. He expressed, CNBM desired to enhance investment cooperation with Argentina in “three new areas” as represented by gypsum board, fan blade, solar power and new molded housing. He was fully confident with growth prospects in Argentina and South America, and sincerely wished to join hands with Argentina enterprises to make contribution for economic building thereof and promote two nations’ great friendship.


President Macri extended his warm welcome to the delegation led by Mr. Song Zhiping. He remarked, in the past several years, Argentina and China shared a good relation with economic and trade cooperation entering into new height; Argentina welcomed CNBM to make investments locally, and he hoped that looking forward the parties could conduct cooperation in a more extensive and deepening manner in infrastructure building, cement engineering services, new molded housing as well as recyclable energy like wind and solar power.


Thereafter, the delegation visited Juan José Aranguren, Minister of Energy and Mining. The parties had a full and thorough discussion and talks regarding specific cooperation matters. The Minister committed comprehensive support for CNBM’s investments in Argentina.


Prior to paying a visit to President Macri, the delegation visited the official residence of Chinese Ambassador to Argentina, and were warmly received by the Ambassador Mr. Yang Wanming, who expressed his appreciation towards CNBM’s “going abroad”, and hoped CNBM could continue to give play to its comprehensive strengths, run operations in Argentina in compliance with local law and regulations, and conduct various businesses in a meticulous and steady fashion.


During the visit in Argentina, the delegation led by Mr. Song Zhiping also visited L’Amali 5800TPD cement production line project contracted by Sinoma-ee. The project is the first EPC project contracted by CNBM in South America, is also the largest scale cement project in South America, thus, smooth implementation of the project is significant to CNBM’s expansion in South America.


Mr. Meng Qinglin, Board Chairman of Sinomaee, made a detailed report covering five aspects regarding project characteristics, risk control, solutions, party building and development and planning.


Later on, Mr. Song Zhiping had a cordial exchange with project staffs and made an important speech. Firstly, he gave full affirmation towards work and job done by Sinoma Intl. and Sinoma-ee. He pointed out, the Argentina project is a model for CNBM to enter into South American market, and also is a key step for CNBM to fulfill “Belt and Road” initiative and international capacity collaboration. He hoped that Sinoma-ee would grasp this opportunity to build good relationship and mutual trust with Argentina companies, in pursuit of making this project an example and model in local market. In addition to working on main business, Sinoma-ee should carry out collaboration with Argentina companies in multiple areas, thus, laying a good foundation for CNBM to conduct subsequent businesses.


Mr. Song Zhiping also extended his regards to local staffs stationed at the site, for whom he gave high praise for their spirits of overcoming difficulties and traveling tens of thousands of miles far away from home to work in Argentina. He gave books to local staffs as gifts, in hopes that they would read as many as possible and read quality books in spare time, continue adhering to craftsmanship spirit of hard working and resilient laboring and pursuing excellence, aiming to complete the project as scheduled and achieve acceptance and delivery as earliest as possible.


Mr. Song Shoushun and Mr. Meng Qinglin indicated that, as a pioneer for CNBM to enter into South America market, Sinoma Intl. would take the Argentina project as a starting point to further expand business areas for collaboration, and play the role as “bridge head tower” to lay a solid foundation for CNBM’s following business cooperation in South America as per its overall strategic deployment.


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