CNBM Board Chairman Mr. Song Zhiping Meeting With Argentina’s Ambassador to China



On 4th of April, Board Chairman of China National Building Materials Group (CNBM) Mr. Song Zhiping had an amicable meeting with Argentina’s Ambassador to China Diego Guelar, Minister Juan Navarro, Counsellor Juan Camio, CNBM GM assistant Mr. Wei Feng, Board Chairman of Sinoma Int. Mr. Song Shoushun, Board Chairman of Sinomaee Mr. Meng Qinglin accompanied the meeting.


Mr. Song Zhiping briefed the delegation led by Ambassador about CNBM’s business and growth situation. He expressed, CNBM’s affiliated subsidiary Sinoma Overseas Development Co., Ltd. (Sinomaee) had successfully signed the contract of Argentina Loma Negra 5800tpd cement production line, which shall serve as a solid foundation for further collaboration between both parties. He hoped, with the full support from Mr. Ambassador, CNBM would conduct in-depth cooperation with Argentina companies in multiple areas in an comprehensive manner building on existing cooperation, and strive to make due contribution to promote economic prosperity and growth of China and Argentina.


Ambassador Diego Guelar expressed, Sino-Argentina relations are in the right track with economic cooperation ascending into new development phase. Argentina has great demand for infrastructure building as in housing, transportation, energy, and CNBM and its affiliates are warmly welcomed to do business in Argentina and increase collaboration with local companies. He showed keen interest in and made high praise on CNBM’s business growth in Argentina, and further made a point that he would continue to promote in-depth exchanges and interactions between China and Argentina, thus facilitating CNBM doing business in Argentina in multiple areas.


Both parties had a full and thorough discussion in a friendly and amicable atmosphere and came to a consensus that CNBM would take cement project building as an opportunity and starting point to further promote collaborations with Argentina counterparts in engineering and construction, renewable energy projects as wind power and solar power by relying on CNBM’s integrated resources and strengths. Meanwhile, CNBM would enhance investments in South America market to gain beneficial chances and grow industry presence in South America. CNBM would count on Argentina Embassy to China as a good platform and window to promote liaison and connection between CNBM and Argentina government departments and pertinent enterprises.














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